SaskTel Sponsors Saskatoon Tribal Council Health Bus

SaskTel Sponsors Saskatoon Tribal Council Health Bus

November 1, 2021

Synergy 8 Health Bus

It takes a community to make real change, and the Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) Health Bus is driving forward to deliver life altering services for those who need it most.

Sponsored in part by SaskTel, the STC Health Bus hit the road in October 2021 to serve seven First Nation communities within the Saskatoon Tribal Council. The communities include:  Kinistin Saulteaux Nation, Mistawasis First Nation, Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, Muskoday First Nation, One Arrow First Nation, Whitecap Dakota First Nation and Yellow Quill First Nation.

Staffed with two paramedics, a dentist and dental assistant as well as a mental health therapist, the program’s RV trailer is equipped to provide on-site services for all community members with a fully functioning dental office, heated outdoor paramedic tent and office meeting space.

“Thanks to the help of our sponsors we’ve been able to build a world class health bus,” said Craig Sled, SaskTel Director of Business Sales and Member of Synergy 8 Community Builders. “Our first focus is on youth on reserve but anyone in the community has access to the services offered.”

Operating five days a week during the school year, the bus will travel to the seven First Nations communities on a rotational schedule for the next five years.

Additionally, during the summer months when the bus is under maintenance or on standby for community events, STC will offer a sport and recreational program for youth through the fundraising efforts to provide the truck and trailer.

“We didn’t want to lose that connection with the kids in those seven communities during summer, and the trailer will have all the equipment necessary to run epic camps for them,” Craig said.

The project’s $2.5 million five-year operating budget was made possible by a fundraising campaign led by Synergy 8 Community Builders out of Saskatoon and included SaskTel and other sponsors.

At SaskTel, we’re dedicated to making Saskatchewan an even better place to live by supporting non-profit organizations and investing in initiatives that positively impact our province.

“We are proud to partner with such a community-minded group to help improve the quality of life for the residents of our province, especially our youth,” said Jodine Smith, SaskTel Corporate Communications Manager. “This sponsorship elevates SaskTel’s commitment to connecting Saskatchewan to what matters most to them, and we are excited to contribute to such a fantastic cause.”

Synergy 8’s mission statement speaks to the group’s dedication to collaborating with other local community groups and organizations to provide leadership in community engagement and innovative strategies for building community development. The group has eight foundational beliefs, which include: fundraising, youth building, community leadership, community engagement, community partnerships, community philanthropy, community building and community of the future.

“We are going to make significant change in a lot of peoples’ lives and, for that, it’s not something you can put a value or a price tag on,” Craig said. “There’s going to be more of these (busses) across the country and certainly in Saskatchewan. It’s a model that’s going to get repeated, and we feel really good about that.”

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