Spreading warmth and cheer: Blessing Bag donation aims to help Regina’s homeless through winter

Spreading warmth and cheer: Blessing Bag donation aims to help Regina’s homeless through winter

November 29, 2018

Christina Nagy

Saskatchewan winters can be frigidly cold - but Christina Nagy wants to help make life a little easier for those without a place to call home.

Christina, a Grade 12 student at St. Luke’s Alternative School, was awarded a $1,000 I Am Stronger grant to create Blessing Bags which will help Regina’s homeless through the winter months.

“This project is important to me because kindness matters,” Christina said. “We're inundated with all the bad things that go on in the world and sometimes people forget that there is a person who is homeless, not simply a homeless person.”

For several years Christina was aware that homelessness was a problem; however, she felt increasingly concerned when she read results from a nation-wide initiative - the Point-in-Time count - which indicated Regina’s homeless count was sitting at nearly 300.

“I was shocked about how many people didn't have a home in our small city and I knew I had to help,” she said. “After I heard about the I Am Stronger grant program, I knew that was what I needed to bring my concept to life,” she said.

After applying to the program, I Am Stronger recognized Christina’s kind efforts.

“Her compassion and dedication toward making a difference in the lives of others has been nothing short of inspiring,” said Lyndsey Pankratz, I Am Stronger Project Manager. “This project is all about giving back, helping others and brightening someone’s day, which makes her a perfect fit as a grant recipient.”

Nearly 250 reusable Blessing Bags will be filled with a few snacks, water, juice, winter accessories, personal hygiene products and a book. For kids, the bags will also include an activity book with crayons, wrapped teddy bear and a puzzle. 

She plans to drop the bags off at shelters across Regina where they will be dispersed as needed.

“A lot of us really do take these items for granted, but for some people, things like shampoo or mittens are a luxury,” Christina said.

With the help of fellow students and teachers she raised an additional $3,600 over the last few months which helped purchase extra supplies.

“I am over the moon excited that the little seed idea I had in my head could be made into a reality. I just want people, who might be in a hard spot, to know that someone cares about them,” she said.

I Am Stronger encourages kindness and empowers youth to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The program provides funding to schools and youth for new and ongoing initiatives which encourage kindness online and in-person.

For more information on I Am Stronger or to apply for a grant visit www.iamstronger.ca.

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