Taking advantage of training with technology: Saskatchewan Foster Families Association recognizes the SaskTel Pioneers for training contributions

Taking advantage of training with technology: Saskatchewan Foster Families Association recognizes the SaskTel Pioneers for training contributions

December 20, 2019

SaskTel Pioneers podium

The SaskTel Pioneers have always found ways of positively impacting their local Saskatchewan communities, but now they’ve been recognized for providing a gift that is helping some of our most vulnerable residents in every corner of the province.

On December 12, 2019, the Saskatchewan Foster Families Association (SFFA) recognized the SaskTel Pioneers for their invaluable contribution of telecommunications equipment used to train new foster parents, with the naming of the SaskTel Pioneers Training Room at the SFFA’s brand new home in Saskatoon.

As an organization, the SFFA supports and encourages foster families through education and advocacy, helping create healthy homes, positive environments, and brighter futures for children and youth in care across the province.

“The donation of the videoconferencing equipment has made a huge difference for families that are not able to participate in-person for training sessions,” said Deb Davies, Executive Director, SFFA. “The videoconferencing has also allowed other community organizations to deliver training from our facility in training our members. The equipment has provided support to families across our province and assisted in making our organization more efficient in conducting our day-to day business.”

The Pioneers first became involved with SFFA when Kevin Harris, a SaskTel Account Executive who is himself a foster parent, approached Pioneer Manager Darrell Liebrecht about the donation of an old SaskTel videoconferencing platform SaskTel no longer required.

Instead of salvaging the equipment or putting it up for re-sale, it was donated by the Pioneers to the SFFA and used to revamp Saskatchewan’s foster parent training program.

“We’re really proud to have been part of providing SFFA with the technology that allows them to help recruit and train foster parents in a new way,” said Darrell.

The training that was made possible by videoconferencing was developed by Kevin.

“The focus of the curriculum is to provide insight and new skills for foster parents as they work with children and youth who have experienced different degrees of trauma in their lives, to become Trauma Competent Caregivers,” said Kevin. “We help foster parents understand the life altering impact of trauma and how to view life from the lens of a wounded child.”

The trauma training has now become mandatory for all foster parents, who no longer must travel long distances for training.

While the Pioneers had been up to making things easier for prospective foster parents, the amazing team over at SaskTel International (SI), where also busy deploying another piece of technology that’s been very helpful to the SFFA.

SI developed a new “time tracker” app for SFFA’s 200 in-home support staff, that support families across the province. It enhances safety, accountability and allows a more efficient submission of timesheets.

“SaskTel, SI and the SaskTel Pioneers have made major contributions to SFFA,” said Deb. “We would like to thank them for their continued support of our organization and families across Saskatchewan.”

About the SaskTel Pioneers

The SaskTel Pioneers are an award-winning volunteer network of current and former telecom industry employees who seek to make contributions to a variety of community needs. Each year, they volunteer close to 60,000 hours and raise an average of $200,000 in support of many Saskatchewan non-profit organizations who work to make our communities stronger. Built on the principles of fellowship, service and loyalty, the SaskTel Pioneers are an employee driven organization that is a chapter of the TelecomPioneers of America. Across Saskatchewan there are 12 local SaskTel Pioneers clubs with a combined membership of over 4,300. Visit the SaskTel Pioneers website at www.sasktelpioneers.com.

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