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Non-SaskTel Network Data Usage Policy

Non-SaskTel Network Data Usage Policy

We've partnered with other carriers to offer wireless coverage outside of Saskatchewan.  As a result of these partnership costs, we've established the Non-SaskTel Network Data Usage Policy to manage your wireless data usage while you're using another carrier's network outside of Saskatchewan.

For data usage within Saskatchewan, please see the Wireless Fair Use Policy.

In Canada

While on another carrier's network in Canada (with whom SaskTel has roaming agreements):

  • With the exception of customers who use more than half of their data outside of Saskatchewan (see below), your data usage limits anywhere in Canada are the same as when you are on the SaskTel network:
    • 10 GB per billing period for plans that include unlimited data.
    • 15 GB per billing period for the Ultimate 100 plan, the Ultimate 105 plan, VIP 85 plan, Business VIP 60 plan, and Business VIP 80 plan.
  • Primary data use outside of Saskatchewan - SaskTel wireless data services are meant to be used primarily within Saskatchewan. If a majority of your data usage on an ongoing basis is occurring outside of Saskatchewan, we reserve the right to limit your data speeds, the amount of data transferred, deny, suspend or terminate the service or any part, component or feature thereof, without notice, to anyone believed to be using any SaskTel provided wireless data service or feature in any manner that adversely impacts SaskTel. This reservation applies to all data plans and will affect all of your wireless internet and data services.

International (anywhere outside of Canada)

There are no data usage limits or speed reductions imposed by SaskTel when you travel internationally; but remember, you have to pay for the data you use, and it can be quite expensive. For example, roaming charges in some areas are up to $15 per MB.

Before travelling, we recommend you:

Changes to this policy

We'll inform you of any changes in this policy by posting such changes to and communicating them to you in such other manner or medium as we determine is reasonable in the circumstances. We'll give 30 days prior notice of changes to this policy.

On August 5, 2015, changes were made to the Non-SaskTel Network Data Usage Policy that make the policy easier to understand and improve your wireless experience.

  • The 200 MB usage limit while on other networks was removed
  • The 10 GB usage limit while subscribed to a United States Travel Add-On was removed
  • The area in rural Manitoba where the speed of service is restricted is made clear with a map
  • The minimum speed restriction in rural Manitoba was changed from 128 Kbps to 384 Kbps
  • The primary data use outside of Saskatchewan section was emphasized and clarified.

In October 2015, throttling activities specific to rural areas in Manitoba were removed. All Non-SaskTel Network Data traffic within Canada is treated the same.