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Travelling with your noSTRINGS Prepaid device

Travelling with your noSTRINGS Prepaid device

You can take your noSTRINGS Prepaid phone to the U.S. and a variety of international countries. 

U.S. Travel

You'll automatically get the noSTRINGS roam & RELAX U.S. Daily rates any time you travel to the U.S. You'll only be charged the U.S. Daily Rates when voice and/or data usage is incurred.

Note: AT&T and T-Mobile are making network changes in the U.S. in 2022. See Wireless Network  Changes in the U.S. for important information about how these changes may affect your service while using your phone in the U.S.

International Travel 

You can currently use your noSTRINGS Prepaid phone in the international countries listed below. New countries will be added as we continue to expand prepaid roaming.

Caps on data overage charges

There is an International data cap of $100 on international roaming charges, which includes the purchase price of any noSTRINGS roam & RELAX Travel Add-ons that include data and data roaming charges. See Notifications and limits on data charges.

Terms & conditions

Whenever you enter a country, we'll send you a roaming notification text message to let you know the retail roaming rates for that country.


  • Data you use while roaming will not be deducted from the data included in your regular data plan.


  • Roaming minutes will not be deducted from the free minutes included in your plan.
  • You may be charged extra for "premium" calls like vote lines, information, and directory assistance service..


  • Incoming texts are free.
  • Regular rates apply to third party short codes like voting, horoscopes, and quizzes.