Corporate social responsibility

  • Sponsorship

    We don’t just work in Saskatchewan—we live here, too. That's why we're committed to supporting non-profit and charitable organizations in the province who make a difference in our community.

    Is your organization interested in applying for sponsorship? Find more about the eligibility criteria of our Community Investment Program.

  • Our community outreach

    We devote ourselves to a wide range of outreach initiatives. Why? Because community is in our DNA. We think fostering a thriving culture and society makes us all stronger. Plus we know that our youth are crucial to our province’s future.

  • Our employee programs

    Our employees are our lifeblood. They propel us to new heights and make great things possible. We want to return the favour by supporting their professional and personal growth through our employee programs. That includes training, development, and initiatives that promote leadership, health, wellness, and so much more.

  • We're committed to our environment

    We don’t just work in Saskatchewan—we live here, too. We care about our province. Through our commitment to our environment, we’ve pioneered sustainability initiatives and are working hard to reduce our footprint.

  • Corporate social responsibility reports

    Check out our corporate social responsibility reports to see the initiatives that have made us proud over the years.

  • Community stories

    We volunteer, give time and money to great causes, and we partner with caring visionary Saskatchewan organizations. Check out the latest news in our community stories.