Home Installation

infiNET Home Installation

Blazing fast Internet is coming to your home! You'll get incredible speed, ultimate connections, and infinite potential.

When infiNET™ is up and running in your area, we'll let you know. If you're a SaskTel Internet or maxTV customer, we'll contact you to book an appointment to transfer your services to the new network.

During the switch to infiNET, saved voice mail messages and PVR recordings may be lost. To download a copy of your voice messages, see Saving voice mail messages to your computer.

Equipment updates

As part of the transfer process to infiNET, a visit to your home is required to update your SaskTel equipment to activate your services on the new network. Here's a list of equipment we'll install.

Optical Network Terminal

We'll need to install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT). Basically it's a small box that sends data between your home and the fibre optic network through converted light and electrical signals. It's usually installed in your basement or wherever your existing phone services enter your home. The ONT and Power Supply Unit are permanent. If you ever move, don't pack them up. They stay with the house.

Power supply unit

The power supply unit sends electricity to the ONT. It requires an electrical outlet that can't be turned off with an on/off switch. The ONT requires very little power to operate.

Battery backup for the power supply unit

To maintain your home phone service during a power outage, the power supply unit comes with a special backup battery. It gives you power for up to 8 hours. Alarms and indicators on the backup battery will alert you during a power outage or if the battery is dying. See Understanding indicators on the infiNET battery.


The Actiontec Gateway Ethernet router connects to the ONT so you can create a wired or wireless home network with your infiNET connection. The Actiontec Gateway includes a built-in firewall and parental controls. Here's how to set those up:

In-home wiring

If your current Gateway modem is at the point of entry for our services (usually a basement or utility room), we'll use your existing wiring. If your current Gateway is located somewhere else in your house, like near your TV or computer, your home may need to be rewired.