Pay per use plans

Get unlimited freedom, control, and value! Just fund your account and use it as you need it with prepaid Pay-Per-Use Plans.

Pay just $0.10 per minute for calls and $0.20 to send texts, anywhere in Saskatchewan.

You also get Three-Way Calling, Call Transfer, and Call Waiting.

Add additional features to your Pay-Per-Use Plan with a prepaid add-on.

How to manage your account

There are 2 easy ways to manage your Pay-Per-Use account:

1.   If you’re a frequent user:

An automatic monthly charge of up to $8 per month means you’ll never have to worry about your account expiring or having to top up by a certain date.

  • If you use less than $8 of prepaid service in a month, you’ll get the difference deducted from your account to raise the total of your month’s service to $8.
  • For example, if you use $5 of prepaid service in a month, you’ll pay an additional charge of $3 to raise your month’s total to $8.
  • If you use more than $8 of service in a month, you won’t have to pay this charge.


2.   If your usage changes often:

Top up every 60 days with a minimum of $20 to maintain your account balance. This way, you’ll only pay for what you use!

  • As long as you keep your account topped-up, no additional money will be taken from your account beyond what you use for airtime and features.
  • If you don’t top up your account every 60 days, you’ll lose any money currently in your account.

  • Price
  • Local calls
  • Long distance calls
  • Overseas calls
  • FREE incoming text messages
  • Messaging
  • Call waiting, call transfer & three-way calling
prepaid Pay Per Use
$ 0 .00 /mo.
Local calls $0.10 per minute
Long distance calls $0.25/min
Overseas calls $3.50/min
FREE incoming text messages
Messaging Pay-per-use messaging - $0.20/sent text, $0.75/sent picture/video.
Call waiting, call transfer & three-way calling
$ 0 .00 /mo.

Terms & conditions

To use prepaid service, you must agree to our Prepaid Wireless Service terms and conditions (pdf).

**See Understanding wireless airtime and long distance charges.

Pay-per-use charges are deducted from your account immediately as pay-per-use services are used. Subscription services will be deducted from your account monthly based on the date you began each subscription.

If there isn't enough money in your account to cover your monthly charges, you will be automatically moved to pay-per-use pricing.

U.S. and International roaming are currently not available.

Additional usage and fees

  • A 911 fee of $1.15 applies to each device.
  • Additional airtime is $0.10 per minute.
  • Additional long distance within Canada to anywhere in Canada or the U.S. is $0.25 per minute.
  • The International long distance rate of $3.50/min applies to calls placed to an international number (outside Canada or the U.S.) from within Canada.

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