Message Relay service

Message Relay service employs specially trained operators to help people with special needs, like hearing or speech difficulties, to send voice-to-text, or text-to-voice messages. All you need is a Telewriter (TTY) and home phone.

To use the service, type in your message using a standard TTY. A specially trained operator receives your message, calls the number you want to connect to, and verbally relays your message to the person on the other end.

Message Relay service is completely confidential and is available 24/7. There is no charge for using the service and long distance rates are reduced 50% for calls within Canada.

Away from the phone? We’ve got you covered. IP Relay service is a text-based service that lets you send messages using a computer or internet-powered mobile device.



Voice CarryOver (VCO) provides you with ability to speak for yourself and use the TTY to read the response of the other party.

Hearing CarryOver (HCO) lets you listen to the other party and use the TTY to type your message.

There is no additional charge for VCO and HCO options and no special equipment is required, just a standard TTY.

Voice CarryOver and Hearing CarryOver can also be used for direct TTY-to-TTY calls. To make a TTY-to-TTY direct call, ask your Message Relay service operator for help.


Using Message Relay

To reach the Message Relay service:

Telewriter (TTY) to voice, call 711 (#711 from a wireless phone).

Voice to Telewriter (TTY), call 1.800.855.0511.

TTY users (3rd number, person-to-person, or collect), call 1.800.855.1155.

For Message Relay service customer relations, ask to speak to a supervisor.

For instructions on using Message Relay service, including how to use Voice and Hearing CarryOver features, see our support answer.

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