Call Return

Automatically redial a busy number AND find out the number of the last incoming caller. Call Return gives you unlimited use of both Busy Call Return and Last Call Return.

Busy Call Return
When you're trying to get through to a busy number, Busy Call Return will redial for you automatically and notify you if the line becomes free within 30 minutes. Plus, you can have more than one redial request going at the same time.

Last Call Return
When you can't make it to the phone, find out who called by using Last Call Return. You'll hear the phone number of the last incoming caller, and if you subscribe to Call Waiting, the beep becomes the last call, so you can find out who that beep was.

Both Busy Call Return and Last Call Return are also always available on a pay-per-use basis on your line for only 50 cents per use.

For information on using these features, see Using Busy Call Return and Last Call Return.

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Not available to customers in Uranium City or Kinoosao.

Some numbers cannot be provided by Last Call Return (i.e., blocked calls, payphone calls, cellular calls).

All prices and fees are subject to applicable taxes.