Whole Home Wi-Fi

Powered by eero

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi for your whole home.

With Whole Home Wi‑Fi powered by eero, you get in‑home Wi‑Fi speeds up to 940 Mbps across your whole home, on 100+ devices with infiNET 1 Gig.*

  • Complete coverage - Extended wall-to-wall coverage, even in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Fast speeds - The fastest speeds available with your Internet plan on all Wi‑Fi connected devices throughout your home.*
  • Consistent connections - A consistently strong signal for seamless streaming and gaming.
  • Wi‑Fi for all your devices - Use multiple devices at once without slowing down.
  • Safe and secure - Helps keep connected devices protected from online threats and offers advanced parental controls.
  • Advanced technology - eero Pro 6E devices offer advanced Wi-Fi 6E technology.

Whole Home Wi-Fi

Get total control with the eero app

You can manage your Whole Home Wi‑Fi using the eero mobile app. Easily set up user profiles, schedule Wi‑Fi breaks, monitor real-time data usage, set up parental controls, and check your network health.

Plus, with automatic updates, you'll always have the latest features and security upgrades.

    Whole Home Wi-Fi App

Upgrade your in-home Wi‑Fi

All SaskTel Internet plans come with free in-home Wi‑Fi that provides one main signal, but it may not always reach every corner of your home. This is where Whole Home Wi‑Fi comes in.

When you subscribe to Whole Home Wi‑Fi, your eero devices work together to create a mesh Wi‑Fi system. Where traditional Wi‑Fi systems use boosters to amplify a signal, mesh Wi‑Fi devices are placed around the home and work together to create a unified, wide-ranging Wi‑Fi signal.

Each eero Pro 6E device covers 2,000 square feet. Got a lot of space to cover? Additional eero Pro 6E devices are just $5/month.

Improve your Wi‑Fi experience

$ 10 .00 / mo.

*Wi-Fi speeds are dependent on the maximum speed available with your SaskTel Internet plan. Wi-Fi speeds up to 940 Mbps available with a subscription to the infiNET 1 Gig plan. Connection speeds may vary based on conditions. Whole Home Wi-Fi is available with all SaskTel infiNET and interNET plans.

Some features require linking your Amazon account, and downloading the Alexa application or using a compatible Alexa device. Internet connection speeds and availability depend on the current internet speed you have with SaskTel; if SaskTel does not provide you with the maximum supported speed, you will not experience that maximum speed. Maximum network speeds, if applicable, reflect combined supported speeds across wired and wireless clients. Maximum wireless signal rates are derived from IEEE 802.11 standard. Specifications assume wired Ethernet connection; your experienced speed may vary when connected to an eero device that is configured as a wireless extender. Coverage estimates are based on normal use conditions. Actual range and performance can vary, and maximum supported speeds may not be available to all customers, due to factors such as local regulations (including power limits), network configuration, interference, connected devices, device usage, building materials, and obstructions. Specifications are based on use of a Wi-Fi 6E or later generation client device that supports 160 MHz.

See https://eero.com/legal/tos?lang=en-ca for more details regarding terms for eero products, software and services. For more information about eero performance, visit support.eero.com.

If Whole Home Wi-Fi is cancelled, all eero devices must be returned to SaskTel. Charges will apply if the eero devices are not returned.

All prices and fees are subject to applicable taxes.