shareMORE Top-ups

Add a one-time top-up to your shared data to get through your billing period.

shareMORE Top-up 1 GB
$ 15 .00
one-time payment

shareMORE Top-up 5 GB
$ 35 .00
one-time payment

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Terms & conditions

  • Customers on the shareMORE Canada & U.S. plan can use shareMORE Top-up data in both Canada and the U.S. (Nationwide, Local, and Data Only customers can only use their top-up data in Canada).
  • Any unused shareMORE Top-up data will expire at the end of the customer's bill period.
  • shareMORE Top-ups are only available for shareMORE customers.
  • shareMORE Top-ups cannot be cancelled after purchase.
  • shareMORE Top-up data is available to all members sharing the bucket of data the top-up is purchased on.
  • a shareMORE Top-up cannot be transferred to a different shareMORE data bucket.
  • The purchase price of a shareMORE Top-up counts towards your Canada data cap.
  • All prices and fees are subject to applicable taxes.