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noSTRINGS Prepaid Plans

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Save $10/mo. for 6 months

Sign up for a noSTRINGS Prepaid and save $10/mo. for the first 6 months on select plans. Book an appointment or stop by a store near you. Conditions apply.

To use noSTRINGS Prepaid service, you must agree to our noSTRINGS Prepaid Wireless Service terms and conditions (PDF).


  • Canada Wide usage subject to the Wireless Data Fair Use Policy. For more information, see Understanding unlimited data, data caps, and usage limits. Please note: we reserve the right to limit a customer's data speeds if they exceed the limits outlined in our Fair Use Policy.
  • 5G is available to SaskTel noSTRINGS Prepaid wireless customers who are on an Unlimited plan or a Talk + Text + Data plan, have a SaskTel 5G-certified device, and are in a 5G coverage area. When not in a 5G coverage area, the device will operate on the LTE or 4G networks.
  • Talk + Text + Data plans are subject to a maximum speed of 250 Mbps on the 5G network.


  • HD Voice provides significantly higher voice quality for calls between mobile phones supporting the feature. For more details on HD Voice including eligibility, see Understanding HD Voice.

Messaging and Features

  • Unlimited Text, Picture, and Video messages sent and received while in Canada, the U.S., and parts of the Caribbean are included. See Caribbean countries with unlimited text messaging.
  • Mini Mail - $0.15/min retrieval charge. Can store up to 5 2-minute messages. Messages can be archived for up to 7 days.

Additional usage and fees:

Pay-per-use charges are deducted from your account immediately as services are used. Subscription services will be deducted from your account monthly based on the date you began each subscription.

  • An activation/service fee applies for each new or used device activated on a SaskTel wireless rate plan.
  • A monthly 911 fee of $2.51 applies to each device (excluding the noSTRINGS Talk + Text 100 plan).
  • Additional Canada/U.S. calling minutes are $0.30 per minute (excluding the noSTRINGS Talk + Text 100 plan).
  • Additional text messages are $0.40 per sent message. Incoming messages are free.
  • Additional picture/video messages are $0.75 per sent message. Incoming messages are free.
  • International Roaming is available in the U.S. and select international countries. See Travelling with your noSTRINGS Prepaid device for rates and a list of available international roaming countries.
  • International long distance rates apply to calls you place to an international number (outside of Canada or U.S.) from within Canada. Find the rate for the country you want to call with our International long distance rates chart.

Yearly Plan (noSTRINGS Talk + Text 100):

  • A yearly 911 fee of $30.12 will be charged at the same time as the plan fee.
  • Additional airtime minutes are $0.15 per minute
  • Long Distance is $0.50 per minute for calls from within Canada to anywhere in Canada or the U.S.
  • Long distance is not charged when making calls to a Saskatchewan number from within Saskatchewan.
  • See Understanding noSTRINGS Prepaid Talk + Text 100 calling charges

All prices and fees are subject to applicable taxes.